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  • Payment in full for lessons is expected prior to each lesson. Cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, or Apple Pay accepted. Payment for multiple lessons in advance is encouraged. 

  • Cancellations must be at least 7 days in advance for regular lesson slots and at least 24 hours in advance for your first lesson. In all other cases, payment will still be due. You may request an alternate online lesson within the same calendar week. 

  • In case of illness, please use good judgement. You may be asked to wear a mask or meet online. You may cancel according to the cancellation policy outlined above.  

  • In inclement weather, all in-person lessons will be held online. Attendance will still be expected.

  • Lesson fees are subject to annual review and may increase each Jan 1st. 

  • Scheduling will occur through Acuity. All additional communication will be through phone or email, and the student or parent must be reachable by one of these.

  • The student shall agree to assume all risks associated with lessons, not limited to refusing to seek medical care upon referral. 

  • Recitals are recommended for prepared students. Recital repertoire must be approved in advance by the teacher. Recital fee covers the venue. 

  • Appropriate attire and conduct is expected during all lessons, classes, and performances.

  • Dr. Jane reserves the right to discontinue lessons with students who do not comply with these policies 


  • Know your goals, and understand they might evolve

  • Come prepared: Bring a notebook for music/ assignments, have some way to record the lesson (ie phone, tablet), be prepared to occasionally purchase music

  • Join online lessons via Zoom (account required), Muzie (account required) Facetime, or Facebook messenger using a strong internet connection. Make sure your face and torso are clearly visible.

  • Ask questions

  • Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone

  • Commit to regular practice throughout the week 

  • Have fun!

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