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Studio Offerings

1:1 Voice Lessons: 

30 min $45​​​

55 min $70

Studio Recitals (2 per year)

Group Lessons (2 - 3 students) ​

55 min $45 per participant

Group Classes (4+ students)

85 min $40 per participant

Audio Tracks:

15 min customized vocal warmup $30

30 min customized vocal warmup $50

Music Direction 

Choirs or Musicals


Voice Masterclasses

Residency Package

Includes a selection of customizable lecture topics, masterclasses, and voice recital based on your price point

Ask about customized topics

Organize an event for your school, business, or community space 


Frequently Asked Questions


Who can learn to sing?

Anyone! Singing is inherent to the human experience, as instinctive as any animal call or song. I work with you to unlock and reveal your inherent ability, identify and remove barriers to your natural voice, and teach you skills to achieve your full vocal potential. 

Why should I take voice lessons?

Singing combines and aligns mind, body, and spirit. Learning to sing increases confidence, self-awareness, and communication skills. Many studies show that singing improves mental and physical health. Optimizing efficient and healthy voice use through voice lessons can benefit both your speaking and singing voice. 

What will I learn in voice lessons? 

In voice lessons, you will learn anatomy and function of the voice, vocal health, technique for singing in multiple genres, how to choose songs that fit you, artistic expression, performance technique, audition preparation and much more! 

How often should I take lessons?

I recommend weekly lessons. This level of frequency promotes accountability and allows you to receive regular feedback that supports the building of muscular and neural patterns, leading to more consistent progress.


Where can I study with you?

I teach lessons remotely via Zoom, Muzie, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger to anywhere in the world. I also teach in person in Bath and Brunswick Maine and at the University of New England. 


What should I bring to my lessons? 

Water, a pencil, your sheet music (organized in a binder), a way to record your lesson (cell phone voice memo works great), and any assigned accompaniment tracks for repertoire. 


How should I practice? 

In order to build consistent muscle patterns and see progress, cultivate a regular practice routine. I recommend 4-6 days a week for a half hour to an hour at a time. Make sure to warm up your voice, hydrate while singing, avoid singing past the point of fatigue, and cool down the voice. Spend time on assigned repertoire and exercises, and leave some time for singing "for fun"!

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